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Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Progress develops inner strength to face any situation in our life. Spirituality is our personal relationship with the Universe. Meditation is one of the most well known and most talked about way of connecting with self and with  the universe.

In Sanskrit, Spirituality is known as Adhyātma. It is derived from two words Adhi and Ātman (Ātmanahā). Adhi means pertaining to the topic and Ātmā means the Soul. The Soul is the God principle within each of us and is our true nature. It is the main component of the subtle body, which is a fractional part of the Supreme God Principle. Its characteristics are Absolute Truth (Sat), Absolute Consciousness (Chit) and Bliss (Ānand). The Soul is unaffected by the ups and downs (and the happiness and unhappiness) one experiences in life as it is perpetually in a blissful state.

In my personal opinion Spirituality is the way to connect with our higher self in the middle of our life on this planet , meaning in our physical existance.