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Self Realisation & God Realisation

Self Realisation & God Realisation


December 8, 2015








My Personal journey of self-realization.


Unless we realize our own selves and our own potential how can we go towards god realization?

I questioned myself are there multiple gods who are running earth but I feel there is only one supreme ultimate power and we all have come from that one power , one supreme being ... with love and affection we may call that power with multiple names but still we all belong to one supreme power ... 


The truth is one .. so god is one also and their can't be multiple gods yes there must be multiple ways of reaching to that one potential ...


I personally feel its important for me to realize my own self which and reach to a stage of " Self Realisation " since I consider this birth is important to me and its precious gift from one lord so I must utilize it for self-realization.


I realized whatever I focus upon and concentrate on my mind gets magnetized and my energy transforms to get there and realize it .