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Meditation does it really work?

Meditation !! does it really work?
December 3, 2015

Meditation, does it really work? many people are really confused about meditation are unsure whether it's worth a trial or no?
I would share my personal experience .
one fine day I got a question in my mind why did I choose to take birth or what is the reason I am born ?
that's when I started backtracking my life and its actual purpose and I tried various methods of meditation and trying to go within and trying to self-realized.
Self-realization is the first process and which eventually leads to god realization.
when I started meditation slowly I started feeling about my inner self 
my first experience.
Duality or awareness feeling that I have something within this body temple 
slowly it went to peace inside or quietness , some kind of stillness 
next level was reading tarot cards and claim to know ( getting information through thoughts ) as if some new information has been passed on to my mind through thoughts.
the later stage came when I started seeing a star like lights from the corner of my eyes with open and close eyes
one more experience I received was when I close my eyes and concentrate on my third eye I can see strong light opening up like the curtain is opening and behind the curtain, there is a lot of light.
the hearing , listening to thank all day long and some kind of bells from far away .
I have also tried getting into past lives with the help of instructions mentioned in a well-known book written by a researcher on past lives. I received some images and information about my past 3 lives and I could see who were my parents , my relationships and what was my journey etc. All this further helped me access myself and my subconscious mind.
These experiences have been helpful and peace giving personally. However, some external struggles related to life path and life cycle continuation have to be faced since this life is a journey for souls learning and opportune