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28 Jun

Love yourself!!

Be sunshine! Be the light !! Be happy always !!! Be happy all the time cause when you are happy within you can spread happiness around. Keep your mind filled with positive thought all the times and definitely happiness will be your best friend for sure :) One moment of true...

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15 Jun


Astrology is just a finger pointing at reality Astrology can clear up or mix up a person as much as any other psychological, philosophical or religious mirror, a looking glass in the endless mirror hall of life.

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Gratitude Challenge

21 days gratitude challenge

Be Thankful for everything you have including the challenges that you are facing right now because eventually, the challenges will make you stronger. Be thankful for the hap...

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Rotary Award for Vocational Excellence

Aarti had natural inclination towards stars and planets , which further developed in to Learning Vedic Jyotish. Desire to help her clients is the biggest achievement so far . Oppor...

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  • She is amazing , I'm extremely happy with her advice. she helped me decide about my career and personal relationships” , I have shown my chart to various people but her analysis was extremely accurate. Businessman.
    - Lokesh
  • Great support and advice received from her regarding career and personal life
    - Sohail
  • Amazing and charged with positive energy and great advice on career change and personal life
    - Rahil
  • Timely and accurate information regarding career path and health from her prediction techniques
    - Rahul
  • She is bubbly and after i met her last i am charged with positive vibes and wearing gem stone she suggested and its been working postively
    - Anushka
  • Aarti gave an excellent prediction through Tarot cards and chart for the construction business, Many thanks to her, i had a project in my mind but wasn't sure if i will achieve my goal, but explanation through tarot cards was clear to move forward and i achieved the results i had thought of. Construction Project Manager.
    - Deepak
  • Introducing astrology.
    - aarti's astrology
  • Extremely positive vibes, and healthy balance of spirituality and practicality that what i know about Aarti, amazing prediction about my career and relationship.
    - Mayur
  • Perfect prediction about my career and education, feels great whenever i see you for consultations, gems you have adviced me have worked towards my goal.
    - Hamza
  • Hey, Aarti it was such a relief discussing about choosing right life partner and prediction you gave me about my career , thanks a lot.
    - Preety
  • She helped me choose a property deal and her prediction about myself, family, parents and relationships was excellent.
    - Savitri Masala
  • Aarti your prediction was amazing and bang on about my nature and relationships, guidance about meditation, positive karmas, and detaching my mind from the end result was great, i like your positive vibes and i have started wearing the gems you had suggested me,would surely consult again ,god bless you loads and keep up the good work.
    - Vimal
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About Aarti Astrology

Magic mantra with Aarti
Aarti is practicing astrology, gems and tarot reading since 2006 and it's been beautiful since then to look at individuals life charts and give predictions which have proved to be beneficial for their...Read more
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